This is a community based project, written & developed during the global Covid pandemic by people from the Dunstable Community.

The story telling, character development started as a project whilst we were all in lockdown as a beacon of hope and light during the winter months.


Working with a local illustrator Zoe developing the characters & storyboard. Our editor Jenny helped with the testing & development of the story telling content.  We shared our initial story & sketches with families and friends who were home schooling at start of 2021 for feedback and thoughts.

Thanks to Ben for helping to organise all our customer orders & the despatching process.

Priory Press our wonderful Printing publishing partners in Dunstable who worked and supported us through the final stages, with proof copies of the book & now the final published version of the book.

Finally, Garry our web wizard whom helped in the final support & design of our website in the Slippery Sloth 🦥 series. 

We hope you enjoy this first book, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the website or email

We hope you enjoy the book as much as we have enjoyed creating this for you.